Looking for a techie?

If you are looking for a techie for yourself and/or your entire family, you have found the right place.

This comprehensive service is designed especially for you.  Join us and have peace of mind.

We offer customized tech support for you and your family.

We support all technology devices that you have by focusing on your goals. For example, if you have an old printer that does not work anymore and you are thinking about repairing or replacing it, we can help you with that decision.

Are you thinking about a new cell phone?   We can help you research one that fits your needs.

Are you concerned about computer security?   We can help devise a security plan that can keep your online assets safer.

Are you looking for parental control with your home WiFi or wireless system? We can help devise a security plan that can keep your family safer.

Did you buy a new gadget and need help to figure it out?  We can help you.

In short, this service covers any and all questions regarding desktop computers, laptops and anything with an internet connection (via a cable and/or wireless/WiFi), software, “how do I” questions, consultation about situations such as parental controls, virus infections, and keeping personal information safer. Included are any questions related to cell phones, tablets, iPads, data backup, high speed internet access, cloud services, internet security, consulting, advice, all “internet of things” devices, smart TVs and appliances.

Join us and have peace of mind.