About us

Firmin Charlot is smiling and is wearing a white shirt and a grey jacket.

Hi, I am Firmin Charlot, Founder of Wholistic Tech Support and Consulting, a service that is designed for people who are looking for a unique experience when it comes to Tech Support. I have 14+ years of experience in the Information Technology field – from front line support all the way to senior management. You can say that I get IT.

My qualifications are unique in that I have worked in many industries including, Floriculture, Horticulture, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Real Estate sales and investments and of course Technology. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and I hold a number of technical certifications including A+, MCSE and ITIL. In short, I am an investigator of how things work and willing to put my expertise to work for you.  Our focus is you.

This service is not for everyone. It is not designed for businesses. It is designed for individuals, family and friends who are tired of getting the run around and frustrated when dealing with IT.

This is not a high volume and high powered service, it is a uniquely designed service that tackles your needs in a friendly and yet effective manner.

Contact us and find out how to enjoy peace of mind.

As needed we will partner with others to help us solve problems faster.